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Later Life & Life Time Mortgages

..or in other words, Equity Release, which is a means of raising a capital Lump sum or a monthly/annual income for life without the need for any repayments, selling-up or remortgaging.

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Our main mission, as explained below, is to bring together the variety of ways of dealing with later life financing, obtaining capital, improving retirement plans and, as shown in our header above, explain what options might be available to also assist with those caught in the debt trap.

Our Main Mission

Industry Funded means any initiatives provided by the Government that offer assistance. From Pension consolidations, reviews, transfer, equity release or any savings plans offered.

Equity Release - We focus on Lifetime Mortgages also known as Later life mortgages which utlize Equity Release, that is, raising a capital lump sum or an annual/monthly income from ones property assets. (Bricks and Mortar).

Mortgage Securitisation - What on earth does THAT mean ? The majority of lenders actually sell your Mortgage on to other companies, especially if there are arrears, without making you aware of it ! We explain what the benefits to you are and how you can wipe out a huge chunk of your mortgage.

So take a look around our website and by all means feel free to ask any questions relating to the services we offer.

......................LIFE-TIME AND LATER LIFE MORTGAGES..................

Find out today what options are open to you with a Life-Time or Later Life Equity Release Mortgage so you don't have to Sell-Up or Remortgage and where any repayments can be deferred & rolled up.

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FCA Accredited IFA's

All the Independent Financial Advisors we work with are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as well as The Equity Release Council, providing full peace of mind that this service is fully independent, unbiased and brings you a professional, ethical service. As always, there's no obligation to accept any of the advice provided by our experts.

Funded Service

Most people neglect their retirement plans for too long, rarely get a healthcheck review of their options, equities, pensions and then get an unpleasant surprise when it's time to retire. Book a consultation with us today to explore options for your retirement and fine tune your legacy for your family.

Funded by Industry

Certain issues such as mis selling or unfair practices that draw adverse publicity where consumers have been affected badly, draw assistance from various bodies and organizations. We access these initiatives to bring you that assistance and, in the case of those Government initiatives, at no cost or fees to yourself.

Fully Accredited

All Independent Financial Advisors that the IFS Group work with are fully authorized and accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Our Independent Financial Advisors


Our National Database of fully funded IFA's are fully accredited and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and are members of The Equity Release Council.  Because our Advisers are always out visiting clients to offer our free consultation, we have set up our phone service so that you can let us know the best time/day for one of our experts to call you. That way, no one is put on the spot at an inconvenient moment, and you know exactly when to expect our call. 


Our main mission is to bring together a variety of ways of dealing with later life financing, raising capital, improving retirement plans and explain what options might be available to also assist with those caught in the debt trap.

Life is too short to stress and strain over money after all. 









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